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Remotely Monitor & Control Any Device

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Sensors You Can Monitor

Level | Pressure | Position | VIbration | Current | Contact | Temperature/Humidity | More

what to do with the sensor data

Two Way Communication with Existing Control Systems

TCP/IP | <XML> | {JSON} | Modbus TCP/IP | Modbus RTU | SNMP

ModTrac modules can communicate with control systems, such as PLCs, by using one of many communication protocols and our open API.

ModTrac provides two way communication with other control systems such as PLCs.

Control Electrical Devices

Remotely control electrical devices using logic built into the module, not the cloud!

Motors | Lights | Pumps | Valves | Locks | Audible Alarms | VFDs | Solid-State Relays

How ModTrac Controls Electrical Devices

Connect electrical devices to a relay contact on a ModTrac device. For higher loads, use an intermediary relay before connecting directly to the ModTrac relay.

Computer communicating with ModTrac Module through an IP network to control electrical devices

Flexible I/O Architecture


Install a single controller as a drop-in solution to monitor a sensor or control other electrical mechanical device.

Stand-alone I/O architecture where one ModTrac module is isolated from any network connection while controlling an electrical device


Designate one ModTrac module as a “master” controller where other ModTrac modules (local and/or remote) send and receive commands.

Distributed I/O control system where one ModTrac controller communicates with other controllers


Send commands to other ModTrac modules in a daisy-chained system. Use heartbeat commands to monitor a module’s uptime.

Daisy-chain I/O architecture for control applications

Flexible Network Architecture


Directly connect a computer to a ModTrac module to monitor I/O states and log files. No IP network required.

Direct single point communication with ModTrac modules


Access ModTrac modules on an IP network behind a firewall.

Communicating with ModTrac modules with an IP network

Inter-Network / Internet

Communicate with other ModTrac modules across the Internet. No cloud required.

Communicating with ModTrac modules over an internet connection

Effortless Setup

ModTrac modules’ intuitive built-in web pages allow them to be commissioned in a fraction of the time of traditional control systems.

Easy to Configure & Maintain

Configure the ModTrac modules using intuitive setup pages that give total control and access to your module either on an IP network, or cloud. No PLC engineers needed!

Intuitive Menu Options

Simplified menu options that allow you to: Add other ModTrac modules to a master controller, Configure monitoring and control logic included email/text alerts, and add endpoints to the ModTrac module’s control page.

No Software / Licensing Fees

ModTrac modules have built-in firmware that gives complete access to the device with no licensing fees, ever! Once you own the ModTrac module, you own it 100%!

ModTrac 4000 Expandable I/O Controller's Dashboard

Versatile Communication

Built For Secure Environments

Our modules are inherently secure and are not susceptible to common hacking attacks.

  • No operating system (Windows, Linux, etc.)
  • No terminal access (telnet, SSH, uncontrolled option ports)
  • No file systems
  • No executable files*

*ModTrac modules have a BASIC interpreter used for reading BASIC scripts used for advanced logic

Security icons
Graphic of a lock

All Features Built Into Our IIoT Controllers

ModTrac 4000 Expansion Controller and I/O Modules

Expandable Controllers

Add Expansion Modules with Various I/O Combinations

  • Built-In Web Server
  • Expandable I/O – Add Up To 32 Expansion Modules
  • Supports up to 100 local and/or remote I/O points (Up to 64 of one I/O type: relays, analog inputs, digital inputs, etc.)
ModTrac Stand-Alone IIoT Modules

Stand-Alone Controllers

Stand-alone controllers have a variety of I/O for remote control and monitoring projects, including:

  • Built-in web server
  • Fixed number of I/O points
  • Supports up to 100 local/remote I/O points (Up to 64 of one I/O type: relays, analog inputs, digital inputs, etc.)

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